Why I Enjoy Internet Marketing. Reason #1 “Family Social Time”

Why I Enjoy Internet Marketing.  Reason #1 “Family Social Time”

You may be asking yourself Why Internet Marketing? It is a questions asked by many people especially Entrepreneurs and business owners. The internet is the way of life in this generation. Just think about it, if you are wanting directions where do you go for the answer? The internet right. Whether it be on your cell phone or computer. Well in the following series I am going to discuss reasons as to why we choose to become Internet Marketing Consultants.

Reason #1 “Family Social Time”

Recently my wife and I had to drive 80 miles from home to take our kids to a dental appointment. Our kids are 12 and 14 years of age and this gave us an opportunity to spend some time with the kids. You know teenage stuff. Even though we have always had a close relationship with our kids the time spent together during this day just brought us closer. Parenthood is a job in itself and we have to work hard to get the results we want. Are they perfect? No. Are we perfect? No, but communication, loyalty, dedication, spirituality, and lots of love definitely helps.

Well as most parents know that when your traveling with kids you have to make the occasional pit stop. So we stopped at the Blue Star Memorial, a little rest stop just outside of Jacksonville, TX . To our surprise the rest area was decorated with flowers, trees, and shrubs and it looked beautiful. Now on the back side of the rest area was an amazing view called Look Out Mountain that over looked 22.5 acres that once was a Peach Orchard Farm. We knew we had an appointment to make but with such a breath taking view we had to slow down and enjoy the moment.

While we were smelling the flowers we were intrigued with one particular plant. One of the employees that worked there noticed us looking at the plant and come over and gave us a little history lesson. The plants name was “Detura” and it originates in India. This plant blossoms a beautiful flower that blooms for only 24 hrs and then it dies and turns into a poisonous seed pod. The seed pod can be replanted to reproduce more Detura plants. Rubbing the leaf of the flower leaves a smell of peanut butter on your hand.

 Wow, what a morning we had. We were able to spend time with the kids. We took the day off without having to submit a request. Better yet, we were able to stop and smell the flowers. This is a reason Why I enjoy Internet Marketing working from home. We are given all the tools to get started and do not have to do any of the research ourselves. Just like any other job we have to work hard and apply the tools given to us. We also have a great support system that answers all of our questions, and also get to mastermind with millionaires who have proven their success. The best part is that we have no overhead or employees to look after. This is Reason #1 as to “Why I enjoy Internet Marketing.


Rick Perales

Independent Marketing Consultant