Small Business Plan Template For Strategic Planning Management

Small Business Plan Template For Strategic Planning Management

A small business plan template, provided by the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) can be extremely helpful for an established business that is in need of strategic planning and management for a new project. This business plan sample includes an executive summary and financial spreadsheets, but the most helpful aspect of the plan is the step-by-step assistance provided for filling in each portion of the document.

Small Business Plans vs. Strategic Planning Documents

Small business plans and strategic planning documents have a lot in common. Both provide details about a new business or project, to move the process forward on schedule. A business plan can be used to provide information about a business venture, including marketing information, risks and potential opportunities. Strategic planning management, however, is a way to direct the progress of an entire company.

Often, in a small business, the two documents are combined to save time. When there is only one goal in place for the business, this combination can be powerful. A business with more than one initiative, however, should consider using business plans for individual projects and a strategic plan for the overall company.

 Small Business Plan Template

This small business plan template can be downloaded on any computer, but the formatting may not work if it is not opened with Microsoft Word 2003 or any more recent edition. Click on download and save the file to the destination computer. In order to reuse the template, save the blank template, and then save again under a different file-name before making changes. Keep a copy of all past and present business plans in a single folder, or organize by progress or completion date. Retaining copies of previously created business planning documents helps in the creation of new plans and improvement of project processes.

Small Business Strategic Planning Management

The templates and guidance provided by SCORE can help any small business owner. In particular, the small business plan template for established businesses is extremely helpful for managers and owners who are trying to create a strategic plan for their company.

Maintaining a business plan to measure progress for each project undertaken by a small business is made easier with a template to follow, even for managers without experience with these planning documents. Through constant oversight of each project through the use of the small business plan template, strategic planning is made simpler for any small business.