Free Small Business Software: Make Running a Business Easier With No Cost Software Options

Free Small Business Software: Make Running a Business Easier With No Cost Software Options

When a small business is just starting out, the expenses can seem overwhelming. As the business owners shops for one thing after another, the start up budget shrinks so fast. Luckily, there is one spot where home businesses or small businesses can save quite a bit of money. Quite a few business related software needs can be met by free program options.

Home Office Accounting Software

Accounting software can carry a hefty price tag, but it doesn’t have to. Small business owners have several free alternatives to expensive software packages.

  • For someone who is looking for a way to manage basic accounting functions, from invoicing customers to creating eBay listings, Microsoft’s free Office Accounting Express software is a great option. This software is basically a lite version of the robust Office Accounting Professional that Microsoft sells, but most small businesses don’t need all the bells and whistles the professional version offers.
  • Looking for full rebates on accounting software is another smart alternative. Small business owners should pay close attention to office supply store sale circulars during the first quarter of the year. The stores take advantage of the natural desire to get organized and to do better on tax preparations next year by offering rebates on expensive accounting software packages. Just be sure to send in all rebate information immediately.

Home Office Desktop Processing Software

The Microsoft Office Publishing Suite can cost several hundred dollars for a small business. While a thrifty entrepreneur may be able to save a bit of money by buying the software bundle with a new business computer, there are some money saving options for those business owners who are not in the market for a new PC or Mac.

Most PC computers come with a free word processing software package called Microsoft Works. For a business that is planning to type a few basic letters or create very simple spreadsheets, this lightweight software is more than enough.

For a home business with more sophisticated needs, there is a great free solution called Open Office. This office suite includes word processing, database, spreadsheet and presentation software. It is designed to be able to open documents that are saved in Microsoft format or to save new documents in traditional .doc or .xls formats.

So, whether a business owner is looking for a basic software package to bring an established company into the technological age or software solutions for a new company, choosing one of the great free or cheap accounting and desktop publishing software options is a smart idea. After all, there are so many other things a business can spend those precious dollars on.