Barack Obama Targets Small Business on the Campaign Trail

Barack Obama Targets Small Business on the Campaign Trail

Barack Obama will extol his economic policies to small business during the recession in the final week of the 2010 Mid Term Election campaign.

He plans to visit American Cord & Webbing Co, a manufacturer of cords and buckles, in Rhode Island according to Kevin Bogardus’ article “A week to go before election, Obama, Biden to campaign across country” in The Hill.

Obama is keen to win support from business, and will point to the Small Business Jobs Act that he signed in.

 The manufacturing company was one of the beneficiaries of the act, and has saved more than $9000 in fee waivers for the Small Business Administration Loans that they received. They will also benefit from eight fresh tax cuts for small business that were also included in the legislation.

Obama hopes that his message to small business will remind them of his actions to prop them up during the recession, and confirm his future support for them providing a clear choice away from the GOP approach as the Republicans opposed the bill.

Former President Bill Clinton had voiced his concerns that the Democratic campaign has not communicated a clear and coherent message on the economy, and it now looks like Obama has heeded his advice.

Voters Think Media Has Become More Partisan says Opinion Poll

In a poll carried out by The Hill, 51% of respondents have said that the media since 2005 has become more biased towards both the Democrats and the Republicans.

Out of that statistic 30% thought that the media favoured the Democrats, 21% believed that the Republican’s received the most opinionated reporting, and 30% said that parochial reporting had remained the same.

Amongst men and women in all age groups, they opined that biased has increased towards the Democrats, but black and Hispanic voters did not agree and said that they thought the press has moved to the right.

On the contrary 46% of Republican voters said that the press has moved leftwards, compared to 32% of Democrats who ascertained that the media has shifted to the right.

The majority of independents thought that the press has moved left rather than to the right, with 31% of those surveyed saying that the Democrats receive more biased press compared to 22% for the Republicans.

Real Clear Politics Says Republicans to Win More Governor Races

The GOP are set to be celebrating the most Governor’s according to the latest polling from Real Clear Politics.

The Republicans are projected to have 27 Governor’s after the mid term elections, compared to 15 for the Democrats including the states where no election is taking place.

There are eight states where the race for the Governorships remain a toss up, but out of those eight five of them are currently held by Republicans in Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Vermont, with three of them by Democrats in Illinois, Ohio and Oregon.

The results of the Governor elections are sure to bring an about turn from the current tally, where the Democrats have a slender 26-24 advantage.

In the Senate the Democrats are predicted to have 48 seats, compared with 44 seats for the Republicans with 8 toss ups after the 37 Senate 2010 elections are decided. Meanwhile in the House the Republicans are projected 222 seats, with the Democrats on 177 with 36 toss ups where the result is too close to call.