7 Ways to Lose Weight Doing What You Love for Teens

7 Ways to Lose Weight Doing What You Love for Teens

At the start of 2009 I was roughly 215 pounds, although some people may not see this as very high, I was shocked at how fast I had been able to gain the weight. One month I was 185 lbs, the next I was at 215. My goals weren’t entirely to lose weight, but simply stop gaining weight.

Join Online Communities

Through a friend I found a great site called Sparkpeople. Sparkpeople is a free website for weight loss, including personalized eating plans, excersize plans and a great online community. The eating plans are very easy to follow, but if you prefer you can remove their diet plan and just add what foods you eat daily. The list items is extensive, but if you can’t find what you’re eating you can add it to the list, and it will be available for any one else on the site. The strength excersizes are easy to follow, and you can tailor them for beginners. They have a site available specifially for teens, but I personally preferred the original site.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

For the longest time I was drinking several 2-liters of soda a day. I never really thought about the calories in soda, but I was shocked when I found out I was drinking nearly 2000 calories a day, and that was before any food. It’s alright to have soda in small amounts, but just remember that it has quite a few calories in it. This isn’t just for soda, but any sugary drink. If it’s not water, it has calories in it, and calories mean weight. A good alternative to soda is diet soda, although it can take some getting used to. I found that Coca Cola Zero was a good alternative, since it had very little of the “Diet Soda” taste.

“But water doesn’t taste good!” In that case, maybe it’s your water quality at home. Maybe you should check out some good water purifier reviews. Barix reviews some solid and affordable options. Talk to your parents about it.

Get Up

Anything helps, even if it’s something minor. If you don’t feel like excersizing, then don’t call it excersize. If you have to go upstairs, go up and down a few extra times. It helps your leg muscles develop more, which will make getting up and around a lot easier. Don’t sit while reading or watching TV, but lean against a wall. This is good for your leg muscles as well and standing burns more calories than sitting.

Video Games

There are many video games devoted to eight loss. Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance has different kinds of diet and weight loss journals, Nintendo Wii has Wii Fit and many “get-up-and-move” games. Music games, such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band, can be good for excersize, as well. Playing the drums is a great way to get your heart rate up, and if played hard enough can build a heavy sweat. Sing and play guitar standing up! Rock out, it burns more calories! And, last but not least, DDR. Dance Dance Revolution is a great game that has been around for a long time. Buy a dance pad and dance the weight away. Later versions of the game also include a tracker that tracks how many calories you burn per song/hour.

Stay Outside

Being inside isn’t good for you in the first place, but just being outside helps your vision and your breathing. Oxegen in the atmosphere will help you feel more engergetic. Even if it’s just reading a book, or typing on your computer outside can make you feel better. If its a hot or cold day, your body has to spend more engery keeping itself comfortable, so you burn more calories, too. Just remember not to over do it.

Get a Hobby

Hobbies can help you lose weight. One of the reasons I ate was because I was bored. If you’re busy, then you’re less likely to eat a lot. Reading takes more energy than just sitting still, since your eyes must focus, and your brain must interpret what you’re reading. Exciting books raise heart rates! Photography is a great hobby for weight loss. Being outside, or arranging a studio can be good excersize. Singing is a great hobby that exersizes your lungs, and burns more calories than sitting around. Especially if you do it with friends, it can be a rewarding experience for your Facebook and your waistline.


Fidgeting is a good way to burn calories. Moving your legs while sitting on the computer, drumming your fingers or messing with small objects is a way to burn calories without noticing. It takes a while to get used to doing something unintentionally , but once you do its easy to forget you’re doing it.

Losing weight isn’t supposed to be hard. You just have to keep in mind that it takes a lot longer to lose it than it does to gain it. Preserverence, and realistic goals help you on your journey. Excersize isn’t always jogging and lifting weights. Eating right and being active isn’t as hard as you would think.