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7 Ways to Lose Weight Doing What You Love for Teens

7 Ways to Lose Weight Doing What You Love for Teens

At the start of 2009 I was roughly 215 pounds, although some people may not see this as very high, I was shocked at how fast I had been able to gain the weight. One month I was 185 lbs, the next I was at […]

Small Business Software Tools: Computer Programs that Can Help with Efficiency and Effectiveness

Small Business Software Tools: Computer Programs that Can Help with Efficiency and Effectiveness

Small businesses range in size from one single entrepreneur to a company with 250 employees. Regardless of the size of a small company, most everyone relies on computers and software to help manage. Recently PCWorld magazine listed the 20 best business software and web tools […]

Why I Enjoy Internet Marketing.  Reason #1 “Family Social Time”

Why I Enjoy Internet Marketing. Reason #1 “Family Social Time”

You may be asking yourself Why Internet Marketing? It is a questions asked by many people especially Entrepreneurs and business owners. The internet is the way of life in this generation. Just think about it, if you are wanting directions where do you go for the answer? The internet right. Whether it be on your cell phone or computer. Well in the following series I am going to discuss reasons as to why we choose to become Internet Marketing Consultants.

Reason #1 “Family Social Time”

Recently my wife and I had to drive 80 miles from home to take our kids to a dental appointment. Our kids are 12 and 14 years of age and this gave us an opportunity to spend some time with the kids. You know teenage stuff. Even though we have always had a close relationship with our kids the time spent together during this day just brought us closer. Parenthood is a job in itself and we have to work hard to get the results we want. Are they perfect? No. Are we perfect? No, but communication, loyalty, dedication, spirituality, and lots of love definitely helps.

Well as most parents know that when your traveling with kids you have to make the occasional pit stop. So we stopped at the Blue Star Memorial, a little rest stop just outside of Jacksonville, TX . To our surprise the rest area was decorated with flowers, trees, and shrubs and it looked beautiful. Now on the back side of the rest area was an amazing view called Look Out Mountain that over looked 22.5 acres that once was a Peach Orchard Farm. We knew we had an appointment to make but with such a breath taking view we had to slow down and enjoy the moment.

While we were smelling the flowers we were intrigued with one particular plant. One of the employees that worked there noticed us looking at the plant and come over and gave us a little history lesson. The plants name was “Detura” and it originates in India. This plant blossoms a beautiful flower that blooms for only 24 hrs and then it dies and turns into a poisonous seed pod. The seed pod can be replanted to reproduce more Detura plants. Rubbing the leaf of the flower leaves a smell of peanut butter on your hand.

 Wow, what a morning we had. We were able to spend time with the kids. We took the day off without having to submit a request. Better yet, we were able to stop and smell the flowers. This is a reason Why I enjoy Internet Marketing working from home. We are given all the tools to get started and do not have to do any of the research ourselves. Just like any other job we have to work hard and apply the tools given to us. We also have a great support system that answers all of our questions, and also get to mastermind with millionaires who have proven their success. The best part is that we have no overhead or employees to look after. This is Reason #1 as to “Why I enjoy Internet Marketing.


Rick Perales

Independent Marketing Consultant 







Majoring and Working as an Entrepreneur – Brandon Frazin

Majoring and Working as an Entrepreneur – Brandon Frazin

I wanted to get a feel for what it is like to study entrepreneurship as opposed to working at an entrepreneurial company, therefore I decided to interview one of our interns, Brandon Frazin from Syracuse University: Q: What is your educational background? (A): At Syracuse […]

An Inside Look into Entrepreneurship: Interview with an Entrepreneur

An Inside Look into Entrepreneurship: Interview with an Entrepreneur

I had the privilege of interviewing a young yet successful entrepreneur. He was gracious enough to tell me about his background and business and to share some insights into the ever-changing profession of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur’s Background He graduated from Brigham Young University with […]

Pre-Paid Legal Small Business Opportunity: Pyramid or Legit MLM?

Pre-Paid Legal Small Business Opportunity: Pyramid or Legit MLM?

Pre-Paid Legal is a network marketing company that specializes in the sale of legal services, which its representatives sell as legal insurance as clients can have attorneys on call by paying monthly premiums at varying rates.

There are two ways that people interested in this company can become involved. The first is to purchase the services as noted above, and the second is to become a sales representative, which allows one to purchase any of the insurance policies, as well as sell them, while having the opportunity to build a network of other people doing the same, potentially earning them a substantial income.

Is Prepaid Legal a Pyramid Scheme?

Network marketing companies can sometimes become confused with a pyramid scheme, and pyramid schemes are sometimes promoted as networking opportunities.

A network marketing company is an entity that allows people to become salespeople for a product or service while allowing them to bring others in to do the same, bringing them a percentage of their profits. It is like franchising in that when the McDonald’s corporation sells a franchise to someone they will pay a percentage of what they take in to the corporation.

A pyramid scheme gives off the appearance of a networking (or franchise) opportunity, but its differences come in two areas:

A networking opportunity that has a high registration cost is usually a pyramid. “High” is a relative term, so here is an example. If a person pays $500 to get involved with a company and a small percentage of that $500 goes to administrative costs while most of it goes back to the new representative by way of product information and goods or services, then the opportunity is legitimate. But if $200 goes to the company for administrative fees and $200 goes to the sponsoring representative as a referral bonus, the opportunity is a pyramid scheme.

Additionally, products have to be competitive in the marketplace. If they are not, then this could be considered a deceptive trade practice because even the lowest person in the network is supposed to receive value for being involved with the opportunity. Overpaying for products and receiving little value for registration would be contrary to this.

Pre-Paid Legal costs $249 to get involved with. $69 goes toward registration fees. Its services are said to be of good price for the value one receives, making it a legitimate networking opportunity.

How Many People Make a Good Living off of Prepaid Legal?

The numbers of who and how many people make a “good living” off of Pre-Paid Legal is unknown partially because some people can live on less than others.

But if one was to speculate off of other networking statistics, an Amway Global Platinum IBO earns about $48,000 in commissions before business expenses, which cost the average networker $8,500 a year. To build this kind of group, one might need as many as 100 people in his network. Given the attrition rate between people not being serious, or falling out for other reasons, one might reason that about 1/250 people reach this level.

If one was to think of networking opportunities as being universal, then about 0.4% are either making good incomes, or good supplemental incomes, in Pre-Paid Legal, proving that making a good living is possible, but, like many things, improbable.

Barack Obama Targets Small Business on the Campaign Trail

Barack Obama Targets Small Business on the Campaign Trail

Barack Obama will extol his economic policies to small business during the recession in the final week of the 2010 Mid Term Election campaign. He plans to visit American Cord & Webbing Co, a manufacturer of cords and buckles, in Rhode Island according to Kevin […]

Ideas for Helping Small Businesses Do Better: Struggling Business Advice

Ideas for Helping Small Businesses Do Better: Struggling Business Advice

Many small business owners who manage to eke out just enough money to keep the business running are constantly stressed and worried. Sometimes, it wouldn’t take much for them to begin to do better financially, but they are so overwhelmed that they can’t see what […]

Good Staff Recruitment for Small Business Owners: Shortcuts in Recruitment and Selection Lead to Staff Problems Later.

Good Staff Recruitment for Small Business Owners: Shortcuts in Recruitment and Selection Lead to Staff Problems Later.

Big business and government bodies have a personnel management section, middle-sized companies often rely on recruitment agencies, but small business owners, corner shopkeepers, sole operators and tradesmen usually go it alone when the time comes to find good staff.

Small Business Owners’ Reluctance to Interview Job Applicants

For many sole operators and small businesses, hiring is a chore; some even feel they can’t waste time, taking time out from the business operation. Consequently, the hassled employer may have to resort to asking the departing key employee if they have a friend who could do the job. Otherwise, in busy operations where the need is urgent, the first person who applies sometimes gets the job.

Why Small Business Owners Should Advertise for Staff

Advertising is often limited to a scrawled note in the window of the premises saying: “Help Wanted. Apply within.” Too often, however, necessity leads to the snap decisions and an annoying high turnover of staff. It makes good business sense for the employer to have a clear picture of the ideal applicant in his or her mind and spell this out in the advertisement, even if the ad simply goes in the front window.

 Failure to Interview for New Staff is False Economy for Small Business Owners

While someone might go shopping for a friend’s birthday present with the attitude: I’ll know what I want when I see it, this is not a smart way for a business person to select staff, who, after all, greet the customer, represent the business name in contacts and work skills, and are entrusted to make a business prosper.

A wrong choice can cost the business money both in obvious mistakes and not so obvious mediocre performance. Wrong choices, in some circumstances, are notoriously difficult to get rid of. It is good business sense to get the right person in the first place. Finding good staff in the first place is one of the best employee retention strategies. A sound interview will reduce the chance of a bad choice.

How to Write Simple Selection Criteria for Staff Recruitment

The process of writing a list helps clarify thoughts. The employer needs to brainstorm a list of the basic skills and attitudes they must have in a new worker, then the qualities they would like to see in a new worker and, lastly, to be contrary, a private list of the things they hate most in a worker.

Some practical people find it hard to think in abstraction. In such cases, it is useful to think about past workers who would be welcomed back in a flash- think in terms of: “Joe was great because…” Every business is different. Some require a gift of the gab, others manual dexterity. Some need speed and quick thinking; others patience and accuracy.

How to Write a Simple Position Vacant Ad

Having pinned down precisely the most valued skills and attitudes he or she requires, the employer is now able to draft a suitable advertisement. To get precisely what you want, it is necessary to start by asking for what you want.

Of course, the employer’s requirements must be appropriate and meet anti-discrimination guidelines. Spell out at the very start of the ad those qualities that are absolutely essential and make it clear that they are essential. Use words like “must”, and “essential.” Remember that words and phrases such as “should,” “would prefer,” “some knowledge of,” “desirable” leave the door open for applicants who don’t possess the named requirements. This may be appropriate, if it is precisely the employer’s intention, because the skills required are in short supply.

Nevertheless, “some knowledge of the food industry” means that someone who worked in a fast food chain for 1 week 20 years ago when they were 15 can legitimately apply. Being precise and exacting about requirements should deter most unsuitable applicants, but, bear in mind, people who desperately want work are likely to apply for any job, even if they don’t meet the criteria.

The Importance of Interviewing for the Vacant Position in Small Business

It is possible that the very wording of the advertisement will yield a better group of applicants, but interviewing will help sort the best from the rest. Yes, it is a time-consuming process, but well worth the effort.

Interview questions need to address the job criteria closely. If a person with at least five years’ experience in hand-painting plaster gnomes is absolutely the requirement, why ask “What sort of sports do you play?” (unless it’s a question to relax the applicant) or even “Have you ever painted a gnome?”

The interview is important for another reason. Gut feeling. Getting to talk to applicants and watch them will reveal much. Most people can trust that inner sense that tells them someone is appropriate or that sounds warning bells inexplicably when someone appears to say all the right things. An employer who knows what he or she wants, asks for it precisely in clearly worded ad, then tests for it at an interview, is more likely to get an employee with the desired qualities who will form a lasting relationship with the company.

Internet Economy has Created Several New Businesses

Internet Economy has Created Several New Businesses

Internet commerce needs infrastructure like an Internet backbone and Internet Service Providers (ISPS); applications like shopping cart software and payment gateways; online stores that sell over the Web; and intermediaries who facilitate Internet businesses. Major Components of the Internet Economy A University of Minnesota online […]